Let’s start the Circular Economy

Climate change, overexploitation of finite resources and high population growth present historically new challenges to the planet. Ideologies will not help to master the challenges ahead. Current economic systems need a revolutionary change.

The objective: our children and grandchildren have a future worth living.

The Circular Economy is not a new invention, but an decades old idea.

We have the technical possibilities to realize the Circular Economy with digitalization, modern sensor technologies, advances in material sciences, production technologies, the use of renewable energy and advanced communication technologies.

Politicians need to create the framework conditions, multiply efforts in research and development and invest in innovative technologies like a mobility based on renewable energies, chemical production independent from fossil energies. Producers should be forced to take responsibility for their products during their lifecycle (Cradle to Cradle) and develop and implement new conducive business models.

The Circular Economy stands for the change of todays economic principles and thus extends far beyond the narrow waste sector and recycling.

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