“Circular Economy” – Meaning in Germany

This website should actually be called „ZÖ4NE – Zirkuläre Ökonomie für Nachhaltige Entwicklung“. (Don’t worry.) Because “Circular Economy” is much more than the translation of “recycling economy”. “Circular Economy” in Germany is predominantly occupied with recycling in waste management.

So what is meant by “Circular Economy”? Circular Economy is not a new invention, but has been described by clever people decades ago and is now prominently represented, for example, by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Today, due to climate change, the overuse of the finite resources of our earth and the high population growth, we are facing a very serious situation whose historically new consequences our children and grandchildren will have to bear.

But today we have the technical means to implement the Circular Economy.

Since there is no clear definition, we would like to introduce you to some basic principles and thoughts whose logic you will not be able to escape.

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