“4SD – For Sustainable Development”: globally

“for Sustainable Development” describes our goal: It is about the further development of the global economy and society, so that future generations can also live adequately with the resources of our earth. CE4SD aims to serve and benefit the populations of industrialized, developing and emerging countries.

In industrialized countries, the first initiatives for the transformation to a circular economy are already in place. The World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation are prominent pioneers. And Finland is the only country so far to progressively implement a Circular Economy Roadmap for its economy. With the “Green Deal”, the EU Commission is pointing the way to the Circular Economy in many sectors.

In contrast, a discourse on how economic development in developing and emerging countries can be made inherently more sustainable has so far only been rudimentary. Initial funds, such as the “Equity for Africa” to support leasing as a business model have been established, but international development cooperation has not yet recognised the potential for value creation, employment, prospects and rapid, sustainable economic growth.