Our Offer

We support companies in industrialized economies:

Companies are moving towards new business models in line with Circular Economy principles. Corporate responsibility today extends far into international supply chains. Expectations increase that companies take back their products after their lifetime has ended to recyle components and materials and take responsibility for a climate and environment friendly re-use or final disposal. In our global economy, new modes of cooperation have to be efficiently managed, current business models adapted or new business models invented and piloted…always with the objective to ensure entrepreneurial success and profitablity of the company.

We support companies and governments in emerging economies:

Emerging economies face the additional challenge to develop and apply new and innovative business models to enhance quality of life and standard of living of their rapidly growing populations sustainably and with immediate effect. Business models complying with the principles of the circular economy, such as leasing and sharing, pay-per-use etc. offer completely new development opportunities. Today’s ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) make them feasible. Equally important, these business models help to reduce pollution of the environment with plastics, the remains of lead-acid batteries, electronic waste, scrap cars mainly from Europa and Asia and many other pollutant threatening nature and well-being of populations.

Emerging economies have no choice but to leap-frog, making use of latest proven innovations and advanced technologies, like they did with the use of mobile phones. Utilization of renewable energy sources has become financially viable in many countries and decentralized modular sytems will succeed in many places over large investments in centralized productions.

Successful business models like leasing and pay-per-use can raise incomes of stakeholders fast, reduce pollution and be profitable. This requires close cooperation of the private and public sectors, of politics and entrepreneurs.

I offer my experience and knowledge gained and proven in various contexts:

I have worked for many years developing businesses in industrialized and developing countries – in industry and development cooperation and experienced the ever increasing pollution of the environment. Management and organizational challenges as well as structures of private and publicy-owned businesses, government institutions, and politics are rather familiar to me. I am well acquainted with the obstacles and opportunities of economic development in emerging and developing countries and the resistance to change in the management of companies and organizations.

With a network of experienced experts, I offer interested companies and institutions the advice based on my own experience, my contacts as well as a network of experts in the transition to the circular economy.