About Us

The economy in industrialized countries will adapt to new business models that meet the requirements and principles of the circular economy. Responsibility for products and services already extends to international supply chains. In the future, companies will be expected to take back products at the end of their useful life to recycle components and materials, or to take responsibility for their further use or disposal in an environmentally sound, climate- and environmentally friendly manner. New interfaces in the global economy must be efficiently managed, existing business models adapted and new activities designed and piloted under uncertain boundary conditions – always with the aim of securing business success and maintaining profitability.
In developing and emerging countries, on the other hand, new business models are in the foreground in order to increase the standard of living and quality of life of rapidly growing populations quickly, sustainably and in an environmentally and socially equitable manner. Business models that comply with the principles of the circular economy, such as leasing and sharing, offer completely new development opportunities with new information and communication technologies. At the same time, the pollution of the environment with plastics, the contamination of soil and water by lead-acid batteries, electronic waste, end-of-life vehicles and the unused remains of short- and long-life consumer goods represent a global challenge that can only be met jointly and internationally by business and politics.
With many years of work experience in Asia, from my work in the business development of a globally oriented DAX company, in the “International Cooperation for Sustainable Development”, I am familiar with both the management and organizational structures of business and politics. I am well acquainted with the obstacles and opportunities of economic development in emerging and developing countries and the resistance in the management of companies.

With a network of experienced experts, I offer interested companies, in addition to my personal competence, the advice of an experienced network of experts in the transition to the circular economy.