Posted 2020/10/15
A great collection of knowledge around the Circular Economy is provided by the European Commission on the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. Lots of online events to participate in can be found on their website regarding the realization of the Circular Economy.

Posted 2020/07/15
Innovation in power generation for remote locations and as a back-up power for remote locations, a Free Piston Linear Generator. DLR once researched a free piston linear generator, but Aquarius Engines chose a different design and developed an innovative system, which might change the way electric power is provided in developing countries as backup power in either mini-grids, unreliable national or urban electricity grids, telecon towers etc. Check it out: Aqarius Engines

Posted 2020/07/15
Have a look at the building concept of Polycare: developed and refined over the last years, Polycare developed houses from polymer concrete stones which fit so tight that additional mortar is not required. Stones can be insulated with styrofoam. A very solid house can be built in a day. It can be disassembled and relocated if required.  Ideal for developing economies, refugee camps. Business models include selling houses, working with housing funds or renting out under a truly Circular Economy concept.  Polycare obtained necessary certifications and received numerous awards from well-known institutions.